Really Useful Day/Week/Month View Feature added to Live Leq

There have been a lot of behind the scenes updates to LivEnviro during 2019. LivEnviro was moved to a new server, for instance, and moving to the latest version of PHP has taken a lot of work.

We have, additionally, added some really useful new user features, one of these being Day/Week/Month View for Live Leq.

We know a lot of people have to do weekly or monthly reports and we have already made it possible to download CSVs of hourly, 10 hourly periods (whatever periods your alerts have been set in). Incidentally the coding for this process has been improved and it is now quicker.

The new feature displays daily (or several days), weekly or monthly historic data on the Live Leq website for each of your selected limits. The graph can be downloaded directly as a png or jpg. You can also download the graph as a csv. This provides a very rapid and convenient way of seeing and downloading weekly, daily or monthly data It doesn’t contain quite as much information as a full csv download (date and time of exceedances for instance) however, the exceedances are indicated on the graph.

We hope you find this feature really useful. Let us have any comments. We will be rolling out this feature for Live PM10 and Live PPV in due course.