Enhanced Long-Term Noise Monitors

Enhanced Long-Term Noise Monitors

The ANV Measurement Systems Enhanced Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-52 are very widely used for baseline noise surveys and construction noise monitoring. This simple and economic system is all that's required for many jobs. Reliable, easy to use and quick & easy to download meters with gel-cell batteries in a weather-resistant case with the weather resistant outdoor protection for the microphone mounted on an stainless steel pole which is attached to the weather-resistant case. The case provides a really solid base, keeping the microphone between 1.2 and 1.5m above the surface upon which the case is deployed. 

These outdoor kits are site-proven. Some have been used for years at a time on building and demolition sites without failures. They are also widely used for windfarm baseline surveys and have successfully survived some of the harshest weather conditions to be found in the UK.

They can be run for 10 days when they are deployed with 1 of the 12 aH gel-cell batteries or 20 days if both batteries are used.

In it's basic form, with just an NL-52,  Leq, Lmax, LAmin SEL, up to 5 statistical noise indices (LN) (4 x 1% and 1 x 0.1% steps) can be stored, together with 100 msec data for detailed analysis of the time history of events.

The NL-52 stores the results as a comma delimited text file onto an SD card so you can open the data straight into Excel. ALternatively you can use Rion AS-60 software to review the results.

If you need a more comrehensive analysis, audio recording and/or octave/third octave capability can be added.

  • Rion NL-52 Sound Level Meter
  • Rion WS-15 Double-Skinned Outdoor Microphone Protection
  • Weather Resistant and Lockable Case for Sound Level Meter
  • Gel-Cell Batteries & Charger Providing 10 - 20 days Continuous Use in Standard format although additional batteries can optionally be added for longer battery life;
  • Microphone Extension Cable (2m, 5m, 10m lengths available off the shelf and 30m, 50m and 100m lengths can be ordered);
  • Mains and solar powered options available;
  • Flexible mounting options for the microphone - standard tripod thread or mounting the microphone assembly on a 25mm outer diameter pole;
  • Measures Leq, Lmax, LAmin SEL, up to 5 statistical noise indices (LN) and instantaneous sound pressure level
  • Simultaneously stores 100msec samples if required
  • The word ‘'Store' flashes on the screen once a second when the meter is logging data
  • Data stored on to SD cards as csv text files which can be read directly by spreadsheet programmes (no requirement for proprietary download programs, download leads or dongles)
  • Audio Recording Option available
  • Octave/Third Octave Option available