Rion AS-60 Data Management Software

Rion AS-60/AS-60RT Data Management Software

Rion AS-60/AS-60RT software provides a really quick and intuitive means of reviewing and analysing logged data from the new NL-52/42. It will also support the import of data from older Rion meters such as the NL-32 or 31. If your are carrying out your measurement in octave or third ocatve bands you will require the AS-60RT version fo the software whuch supports this. AS-60 is especially useful when you have audio data because it displays file icons for the audio recordings upon zoomable level-time graphs of the survey data. It’s really quick and easy to review long-term survey results and you can investigate noise events and/or periodic recordings very quickly.

Importing data from Rion instruments into AS-60 couldn't be easier. Simply drag and drop the file icons on your desktop onto the AS-60/AS-60RT icon and the files will import automatically.

You can also review, synchronise and analyse data from up to 8 sets of results simultaneously which is a fantasticly efficient way of reviewing baseline or compliance data collected simultaneously at a number of positions. AS-60 can also generate flexible weekly and daily reports which can be easily exported to Excel™.

It’s not essential to use AS-60 to download data from the NL Series (the comma delimited text files can be opened directly into Excel™). It’s just that AS-60 is a really efficient way of managing and reviewing the data as well as carrying out a host of really practical analysis functions that would be tedious and time-consuming using spreadsheets.

  • Simply drag and drop folders containing audio and data into AS-60 software
  • Synchronised level data and audio file icons displayed on level time graph
  • Choose and play audio files directly from the display
  • Intuitive zoom feature based on overview of the full survey data for detailed selection of time periods or events
  • Flexible and intuitive data display options really help you evaluate the data quickly and easily
  • Works with Auto 1 (100msec, 200msec or 1 sec samples) or Auto 2 data from NL-2x and NL3x meters
  • Works with simultaneously measured 100 msec data and processed data from NL-52/42
  • Data from up to 8 sets of results can be synchronised, reviewed and reanalysed simultaneously
  • You can download a demonstration version of AS-60 from:-