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Vibration Hire

ANV Measurement Systems hire vibration measurement systems suitable for construction and demolition (including the Live PPV Live-to-Web vibration monitoring system), environmental vibration (e.g. trains), hand-arm vibration, whole body occupational vibration, and machinery vibration.

All the instruments ANV Measurement Systems supply are well suited to rental because of their ease of use and reliability. You won't need to spend the first day of your rental period learning how to use the instrument. Anyway, there's always someone knowledgeable, helpful and friendly in the ANV Measurement Systems office to help during normal office hours if you do get stuck.

It's not just the instruments and technical support that make the ANV Measurement Systems Hire fleet different. Our accessories, like the long-term outdoor kits, are practical and site-proven. We also endeavour to keep our hire fleet stocked with new instruments and accessories. The vibration instruments are provided with traceable calibration.

Instruments are normally shipped to you on a next day courier (timed delivery) but we can also do sameday delivery to most UK mainland locations. Alternatively you are very welcome to pick up the kit from our office and to benefit from free advice & training on the use of the kit and to sample our excellent coffee.

After the first week our hire rate is daily (@ 1/7 of the weekly hire rate) and we offer a 4 day minimum hire for when you really only need the kit for a day or two.

The 'thumbnails' below show a selection of our 'best sellers' on the vibration hire fleet but you can hire almost anything you see anywhere on this website. If it's a fairly standard request and you know what you want and when you want it, click the Hire button and fill in the details on the Hire Inquiry Form and we'll check our stocks and get straight back to you with a Hire Agreement. In the unlikely event that we can't provide exactly what you want we'll suggest an alternative.

Over the last 15 years ANV Measurement Systems hire service has earned a fantastic reputation for reliability, flexibility and helpfulness. If you're not certain what you need, call or e-mail us and ask.


Rion VM-56 Tr-Axial Groundborne Vibration Meter
The VM-56 is a 3 axis groundborne vibration meter which simultaneously measures PPV, VDV and Displacement. It achieves the measurement requirements of BS 6472: Part 1, BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385: Pa... [view more details]

Rion XV-2P Triaxial Groundborne Vibration Meter
The XV-2P is a 3 axis groundborne vibration meter which simultaneously measures PPV, VDV and Displacement. It achieves the measurement requirements of BS 6472: Part 1, BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385: Pa... [view more details]

Long-Term Vibration Monitors
The Profound Vibra series of Vibration Meters are specifically designed for construction and demolition site work in accordance with BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385 Part 2. The monitors log peak partic... [view more details]

Live PPV Web-Based Real-Time Environmental Vibration Monitoring
Live PPV is the vibration element of LivEnviro, ANV Measurement Systems live-to-web platform for monitoring noise, vibration, dust and weather. Live PPV can be based on based upon the  Ri... [view more details]

Profound Vibra+ Tri-Axial Vibration Meter
The Profound Vibra+ is specifically designed for construction and demolition site work. The Vibra+ makes continuous monitoring of construction/demolition vibration a practical reality. The integrated... [view more details]

Rion VM-54 Long-Term Vibration Monitors
The Rion VM-54 and VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program are ideal for measuring vibration levels in accordance with BS 6472. The system directly measures and logs Vibration Dose Values with all ... [view more details]

Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser
Click here for The VA12 introduction movie The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyser which stores data in standard formats (csv an... [view more details]

Rion DA-21 Data Recorder
The DA-21 epitomises how portable data acquisition (such as audio or vibration signal recording) should be. Quick, simple, flexible, portable, battery-powered and storing data in standard wav file fo... [view more details]

Rion VX-54WH Hand-Arm Vibration Program for the Rion VM-54
The Rion VM-54 with the VX-54WH Whole Body Vibration option has made taking hand-arm vibration measurements a realistic prospect for manufacturers, consultants and occupational health professionals. ... [view more details]

Rion VM-82A Vibration Meter
The VM-82A represents the gold standard for machinery vibration meters. It is practical, easy to use, reliable and accurate. The build quality is superb, it has a beautiful clear backlit display and ... [view more details]

Rion VE-10 Vibration Calibrator
The VE-10 is great for checking the calibration of a measurement chain. The typical scenario is that you have input the accelerometer sensitivity into the system and you’re pretty certain t... [view more details]

Rion Accelerometers
Rion Accelerometers have an enviable reputation for accuracy and longevity. Rion manufacture a wide range of accelerometers including a reference standard accelerometer (the PV-03), a tri-axial high ... [view more details]