Rion VM-56 Tr-Axial Groundborne Vibration Meter

The VM-56 is a 3 axis groundborne vibration meter which simultaneously measures PPV, VDV and Displacement. It achieves the measurement requirements of BS 6472: Part 1, BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385: Part 2. It is equally-suited to live to web measurement with ANV’s LivEnviro System, long-term unattended measurements and attended sample measurements.

Third octave and wav file recording options are available for the VM-56. Together with the extended frequency range (up to 315 Hz) this makes the instrument ideal for assessing groundborne noise issues in addition to building response and directly perceptible vibration.

It is a modern, easy to use Rion meter with a simple menu structure and a colour display. Data is stored as a csv file directly onto an SD card so it can be opened directly into Excel.

  • 3 channel compact, lightweight and practical vibration meter
  • specifically designed for groundborne vibration measurements
  • live to web measurement with ANV’s LivEnviro System
  • long-term unattended measurements with optional outdoor protection and external batteries
  • suitable for attended sample measurements
  • VDV, PPV, Dominant Frequency and Displacement measured simultaneously
  • ISO 8041 and DIN 45669: Part 1 Class 1 Compliant
  • Lower operating frequency 0.5 Hz
  • Upper operating frequency 315 Hz
  • Velocity range 0.03 – 100 mm/s
  • Rms acceleration range 0.0001 – 10 m/s2
  • Displacement range 0.01 – 10 mm (0.5 – 16 Hz)
  • Frequency weightings wb, wd, wm, KB, flat and band limited according to ISO 8041
  • Data stored as csv files to SD
  • 1/3 Octave Option (VX-56RT) available
  • Wav file Recording Option (VX-56WR) available 
  • Up to 24 hours battery life with internal batteries (8 alkaline AA cells)