SIG Acoustic Camera

SIG Acoustic Camera

The SIG Acoustic Camera is a breakthrough product offering the powerful facility of a full-specification acoustic camera at a fraction of the cost normally associated with acoustic cameras and well within the budget of Test and Measurement Departments and Consultancies.  

The SIG Acoustic Camera is a fantastic tool for the localisation of sound from stationary or moving sources for environmental noise, industrial noise, product development and noise reduction engineering.

See videos recorded with the SIG Acoustic Camera here.

The SIG Acoustic Camera uniquely combines the SIG Acam 100 Array, which has 40 low cost MEMS microphones in a dual logarithmic spiral configuration, with OptiNav BeamformX software. You can "see" the principal noise sources in real time and/or record mp4 videos which you can share with other members of the team/stakeholders.

The SIG Acoustic Camera is also uniquely practical for use on site. The SIG Acam 100 Array is phyisically small (40 x 40cm) and is USB powered. Simply turn up to site, mount the array on a tripod and plug it in to the USB port of a laptop and you're ready to start "seeing sound".

  • displays acoustic camera images in real time
  • a fraction of the cost nornmally associated with acoustic cameras
  • acoustic camera displays can be saved as mp4 files to share with team members/stakeholders
  • spectrogram and FFT displays
  • acoustic camera, spectrogram and FFT can be viewed simultaneously
  • SIG Acam 100 Array (40 x 40 cm) is physically small and easily deployed on site
  • single cable USB operation (just plug into a laptop - no separate power supply required)
  • Optinav BeamformX eliminates side lobes and compared to conventional beamforming:
    • is faster
    • has better dynamic range
    • has better temporal and spacial definition