Qohm Ultra-Lightweight Compact Dodec

The Qohm dodecahedron speaker is the Holy Grail omni-directional sound source for SI testing/architectural acoustics. At last, a dodec which is physically small, amazingly lightweight (3.5 kg) with sufficient power (122 dB SWL) and frequency range and the necessary directional performance for ISO 16283.

You really need to see, hear and feel the weight/size (or lack of these) of the Qohm dodec to appreciate it.

And if you buy one, the person who uses it on site will thank you for that decision every time they use it.

  • 122 dB SWL for up to 2 minutes (116 dB SWL for up to 15 minutes)
  • 47 - 16,000 Hz Frequency Range
  • Omnidirectionality +/- 1 dB 50 - 1600 Hz, +/- 3dB 1600 - 2500 Hz
  • Output level stability better than 0.5 dB for 10 minutes at 116 dB SWL (1.5 minutes at 122 dB SWL)
  • Power Handling up to 800W rms into 4 ohms
  • 3.5 kg in weight
  • 26 cm diameter
  • supplied with soft carry case and stand

The Qohm dodec and FTL500 Combined 500W Amplifier, Noise Generator and Graphic Equlaiser, which itself only weighs 4 kg, are a fantastic combination of you are looking for a complete, professional and lightweight solution to noise generation for SI testing or architectural acoustics.



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