Live MET Web Based Real Time Weather Monitoring

Live MET Web-Based Real-Time Weather Monitoring

Live MET is the weather monitoring element of LivEnviro, ANV Measurement Systems live-to-web platform for monitoring noise, vibration, dust and weather.

Live MET is based upon the Lufft WS600 multi-parameter weather station. Live MET provides the means of seeing live weather data from the instrument via a user-friendly web interface. 

Some of the main features of Live MET are:

  • Live Data direct to a secure website via LAN or 3G connection - see it on your computer, your phone or your tablet
  • Based on the site proven Lufft WS600 used throughout the world
  • The sensors have no moving parts
  • Ultrasonic windspeed and direction sensors
  • Precipitation rate, total and type using doppler radar
  • Built-in electronic compass - no need for manual on-site orientation
  • Temperature, pressure and dew point
  • Logic based alarm settings so you can receive alerts for specified windspeeds, directions, rainfall etc 
  • Up to 24 x 1hr periods can be configured per day, each with multiple limits
  • Different Limits and Periods Can Be applied to each day of the week
  • Alarm e-mails when limits are exceeded
  • User Selectable RED and AMBER limits
  • Unrivalled Data Security – Data is stored at a UK-based data centre on the dedicated LivEnviro Raid 10 Server with nightly off-site backup
  • Monitoring Locations Shown on Google Maps – sitewide overview of exceedances and system health.
  • Rapid download of data as a CSV file directly from the web interface