Rion Accelerometers

Rion Accelerometers

Rion Accelerometers have an enviable reputation for accuracy and longevity. Rion manufacture a wide range of accelerometers including a reference standard accelerometer (the PV-03), a tri-axial high sensitivity low frequency ground accelerometer (PV-83CW for use with the Rion VM-54), a triaxial seat accelerometer (PV-62), a tiny (mass 4.7g) tri-axial transducer for hand-arm vibration and single axis accelerometers ranging from the PV-08 (mass 0.7g with a charge sensitivity of 0.1pC/ms-2) to the PV-87 (charge sensitivity of 41 pC/ms-2 with a mass of 115g).

Information on selected accelerometers is given below. For information on the full range of Rion Accelerometers download the Full Specification PDF.

PV-83 CW
  • High-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer set in practical casing suitable for site work
  • 60 mV/ms-2 sensitivity
  • Mass 310g
  • Designed for building vibration and ship vibration
  • Frequency range 0.5 – 80 Hz
  • For use with the Rion VM-54
  • Noise floor 0.0001 ms-2 or less (wm weighting)
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  • Miniature triaxial accelerometer (4.7 grams)
  • Excellent for hand-arm vibration measurements where size and weight are critical
  • Frequency range 1 – 10 000 Hz
  • 0.12 pC/ms-2 sensitivity
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  • Small triaxial accelerometer (28 grams)
  • M6 thread mount
  • Frequency range 1 – 4000 Hz
  • 0.831 pC/ms-2 sensitivity
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  • Seat accelerometer
  • Practical, reliable and site-proven
  • Can be used with any vibration meter with suitable charge amplifier input
  • 7.1 pC/ms-2 sensitivity
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  • Accelerometer with built in pre-amplifier
  • Practical engineering accelerometer with robust curly cable, M6 stud and magnetic attachment (Rion extension leads can also be used)
  • Can be plugged straight into Rion sound level meters for vibration measurements
  • 5.1 mV/ms-2 sensitivity
  • Frequency Range 1 – 5000 Hz
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  • High sensitivity accelerometer with wide frequency range
  • Can be used with any vibration meter with suitable charge amplifier input
  • Can be used with Rion DA-20 or VM-54 with VP-80 Charge Amplifier
  • 41 pC/ms-2 sensitivity
  • Frequency Range 1 – 3000 Hz
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  • Reference Accelerometer with M6 cavity for coincident mounting of accelerometer to be calibrated
  • Nominal 0.47 pC/ms-2 sensitivity (individual calibration sheet supplied)
  • Frequency Range 20 – 1000 Hz ± 1%
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