Rion VT-05/VT-06 Viscotester

Rion VT-05/VT-06 Viscotester

The Rion VT-05/VT-06 Viscotester provides a unique objective and cost-effective means of directly measuring the viscosity of liquids/fluids. The viscosity of many substances is of crucial importance yet, up to now, measurement of this quantity has often been achieved through indirect, complicated and/or expensive methods. Application areas include chemicals, paint, petrochemicals, adhesives and foodstuffs.

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The VT-05 (for lower viscosity fluids) and VT-06 (for higher viscosity fluids) consist of a hand-held (or it can be mounted on a stand) meter with an integral digital display with a rotor that is connected to the rear of the device. With the meter held (approximately) horizontally, the appropriate rotor is submerged in the fluid to be tested. The meter will then give a direct digital readout of the viscosity of the fluid in millipascal/decipascal seconds (the SI unit for Viscosity).

The VT-05 can measure up to 300 mPas. The VT-06 can measure up to 4000 dPas.
Examples of typical viscosity (at 23°c):

  • Milk - 2.6 mPas;
  • Olive Oil - 71 mPas;
  • Tomato Ketchup - 43 dPas;
  • Toothpaste - 320 dPas.

A summary of features for the VT-05/VT-06:

  • Direct, objective and repeatable measurement of viscosity;
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Direct digital readout of viscosity in SI units
  • Cost effective;
  • Supplied with rotors and other accessories ready for immediate use
  • VT-05 Measurement Range up to 300 mPas
  • VT-06 Measurement Range up to 4000 dPas
  • VT-05 Accuracy ± 5% of measurement range
  • VT-06 Accuracy ± 10% or reading - reproducibility ± 5%
  • Lightweight (260g without batteries)
  • Runs on 4 AA cells (including nickel-hydride rechargeables)