Rion VM-240A Acoustical Volume (Density) Meter

Rion VM-240A Acoustical Volume (Density) Meter

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The revolutionary Rion VM-240A Acoustical Volume Meter enables the rapid, accurate and non-invasive measurement of the volume of irregular shapes without the use of liquids and without putting force or pressure upon the object being measured.

The Rion Acoustical Volume Meters allow accurate measurement of the volume of an object enclosed within its Measurement Chamber (to within ±0.1 cm3)*1. Each measurement can be made in around 2 seconds.

Although the VM-240A was primarily developed to measure the capacity of engine combustion chambers it has many other potential uses. A National Measurement Institute, for example, uses the VM-240 to accurately determine the volume of irregularly shaped objects. Used with an accurate balance, the VM-240 can help to accurately determine the density of an irregularly shaped object.

The VM-240A has been used for a diverse range of applications from measuring the size of dimples on golf balls to ripeness testing and quality control of fruit.

*1 when a volume of 100 cm3 is measured under standard environmental conditions (20°c 50 %)