NL-52/42 Class1/Class 2 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter

NL-52/42 Class1/Class 2 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter

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The NL-52/42 is Rion’s cost-effective, feature-rich, upgradeable Class 1/Class 2 platform for environmental noise, noise at work and noise nuisance. With the NX-42EX option it is a broadband data logger which is ideal for baseline surveys and compliance monitoring. The data is stored as comma-delimited text files onto an SD™ card so you can always get the data into a spreadsheet without recourse to bespoke software or download leads. Uncompressed audio can be recorded as standard (calibrated) WAV files by adding the NX-42WR option (as used in the NNR-03 Noise Nuisance Recorder). You can therefore import the data directly with a spreadsheet and play back the audio with any media player, however, it is recommended that you check out the Rion AS-60 Data Management Software. You simply drag and drop the folders containing the NL-52/42/32/22/31/21 data (and audio when present) into AS-60 and you can then review, synchronise and analyse up to 8 datasets simultaneously and export them to Excel™ or generate graphs, weekly or daily reports directly from the software.

The NL-52 + NX-42EX is the standard format in which the instrument is supplied and this enables simultaneous measurement and logging of the standard broad-band noise indices (LAeq, LAmax and statistical indices etc) and unprocessed short samples (100 msec, 200 msec or 1 second) allowing you to zoom in and look at the time profile of specific events. The meter retains the simplicity and ease of use for which Rion are rightly renowned and integrated on-screen help is available simply by pressing the instrument’s Display button.

The NL-52 can be used with the Rion WS-15 Outdoor Microphone Protection for full Class 1 performance with the Standard or Enhanced Outdoor kit or as part of the market leading Live-to-Web Live Leq noise monitoring system.

The NL-52 + NX-42 EX is also fully upgradeable to be able to measure and log octave or third octave bands by adding the NX-42RT option and narrow band analysis by adding the NX-42FT option.

At the other end of the scale the NL-52/NL-42 can also be supplied without the NX-42 option (which provides the data logging functionality for the meter) if you just need to do Class 1 or Class 2 manual measurements (and, of course, microphone extension leads are available).

Other notable features include the superb backlit colour display, IPX-3 water-resistance (excluding the microphone) and the ability to instantaneously store the instrument’s display as a bitmap.

A summary of the NL-52/42 + NX-42EX main features is given below (note that the logging functions and the addition of options such as audio recording and octave/third octave bands require NX-42EX):

  • Measures Leq, Lmax, LAmin SEL, up to 5 statistical noise indices (LN) (4 x 1% and 1 x 0.1% steps) and instantaneous sound pressure level
  • Measures unprocessed instantaneous time and frequency weighted level at 100msec, 200msec or 1 second intervals
  • Simultaneous measurement and logging of environmental indices and unprocessed short term samples to enable detailed analysis of time history
  • Maximum data storage 1000 hours (requires external power and sufficiently-sized SD™)
  • The word ‘Store’ flashes on the screen once a second when the meter is logging data
  • Data stored on to SD™ cards as csv text files which can be read directly by spreadsheet programmes
  • Can be used for long-term monitoring with our extremely practical, cost-effective and reliable outdoor kit
  • Single 130 dB linearity range
  • Pause and back erase function (1, 3 and 5 seconds) for dealing with extraneous noise
  • Sub-channel enabling choice of a second simultaneous time and/or frequency weighting
  • Excellent backlit 400 x 240 Semi-transparent TFT LCD WQVGA LCD display with numeric and bar graph indication of sound level
  • 5 parameters can be shown simultaneously on one screen, which is really useful for sitework, or each parameter can be shown on separate screens
  • Instantaneous sound pressure level can also be viewed in real time on a 20 second, 1 minute or 2 minute level time graph (this can be really useful when using the back erase function)
  • Instrument display can be stored as a bitmap for a simple record of an event
  • On screen help files available at the touch of a button
  • The NL-52 is IEC 61672 Class 1 compliant
  • The NL-42 is IEC 61672 Class 2 compliant
  • Up to 26 hours operation on one set of four alkaline AA cells
  • Up to 25 hours operation with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • USB connection (the SD™ Card is seen as a virtual disk)
  • Option - Sound Recording NX-42WR
  • Option – Narrow band Analysis NX-42FT
  • Option – Real Time Octaves/Third Octaves NX-42RT
  • Option - Outdoor Microphone Protection WS-15