Profound Vibra and Vibra+ Tri-Axial Vibration Meters

Profound Vibra+ Tri-Axial Vibration Meter

The Profound Vibra+ is specifically designed for construction and demolition site work. The Vibra+ makes continuous monitoring of construction/demolition vibration a practical reality. The integrated 4G modem enables it to be used remotely, either with Live PPV (the vibration element of ANV Measurement Systems' LivEnviro live-to-web noise, vibration, dust and weather monitoring system) or independently.

Easy to use and rugged, the Vibra+ uses geophones to directly measure PPV (peak particle velocity), dominant frequency, displacement and acceleration levels. The instruments have amazing battery life. Using the internal lithium ion battery will provide more than 2 weeks of data logging and more than 10 days of remote operation with 5 minute uploads. ANV more usually provide the Vibra+ in a weather protected case with gel-cell batteries which will run the unit for more than a month.

The measurement period is user-selectable and the dominant frequency component is recorded for each period PPV. Measurements can be taken continuously or only during user-specified periods and/or only above a user-specified vibration level. The instruments can also save the waveforms of the highest, (up to) nine noise events per hour.

  • Logs Peak Particle Velocity (PPV), Displacement and Peak Particle Acceleration (PPA) in 3 dimensions continuously or only during user-specified periods and/or only above a user-specified vibration level
  • Logs dominant frequency of the maximum PPV for each measurement period
  • Fulfils the requirements for measurements in accordance with BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385: Part 2
  • Frequency range and accuracy in accordance with DIN 45669:1995 Class 1
  • Integrated 4G modem can be used with ANV’s Live PPV or independently to upload data and generate alarm e-mails when limits are exceeded.
  • Captures time traces of the velocity waveform (stores up to 9 traces per hour)
  • Rugged construction makes Vibra+ ideal for monitoring on construction sites
  • Flexible and practical geophone mounting options
  • Frequency range from below 1 Hz – up to 315 Hz (depending on application)
  • External wreless alarm beacon available
  • Full PC analysis software provided as standard with each Vibra