Data Processing Macro for the Rion NX-28BA Building Acoustics

Data Processing Macro for the Rion NX-28BA Building Acoustics

The Macro for the Rion NX-28BA Building Acoustics system takes the information from the NA-28's memory card (or via the USB port) and converts it ISO 717-1 compliant report in seconds. NA-28 users are supplied with both an Approved Document E and an ISO 140 version of the Macro free of charge. The results are additionally available within the meter (using either averaging method, on the same data if necessary).

Within seconds of selecting the airborne or impact file you wish to combine with the selected reverberation time file, the processing is completed. One sheet shows the ISO 717-1 conforming report and additional sheets show the raw and processed data.

Reviewing the additional sheets in the workbook allows inspection of individual level and level difference data for each source position and reverberation time measurement results. Each of these can be de-selected (or subsequently re-selected) to apply a live change in the results- this is not only reflected in the report but also in the worksheets containing individual measurement results.

The spreadsheets are designed in a way that removes the macros once the data has been processed, minimising complications when opening saved workbooks at later date. In addition, once all unwanted data has been removed, the size of the spreadsheet can be reduced by pressing the 'Prepare for Saving' button.

The macros themselves can be personalised, for example, by saving a version with your company logo inserted. In addition, the visual basic script contained in the macro is transparent and annotated. The macros can therefore either be used as they stand or modified to meet the user's exact requirements.

  • Fast processing of selected raw data, to produce report conforming to ISO 717-1
  • ISO 140 and Approved Document E versions supplied
  • The spreadsheet for processing data using the ISO 140 averaging method provides reports for Dnw and R’w in addition to DnT,w
  • DnT,w can be normalised to selectable 0.5 or 0.8 seconds, or to a figure selected by the user
  • Removal of unwanted measurements, where required
  • Visual basic script can be modified by the user, to make changes in accordance with specific requirements
  • Company logo can be embedded into spreadsheets by the user
  • Used by UKAS and ANC Accredited Organisations

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