Waveform Viewer Software supplied with the Rion DA-20 & DA-40

Waveform Viewer Software supplied with the Rion DA-20 & DA-40

The viewer software provided with the 4 channel Rion DA-20 and 8 channel Rion DA-20 enable the user to play back the files and to view, print, copy and paste time domain graphs of the recorded signals and to export them as csv text files. The viewer software also enables some useful editing functions for the wav files including the ability to select sections of the signal and save it as a new wav file. Although primarily intended for reviewing data from the DA-20 and DA-40 the viewer software can be used with some audio files from other Rion instruments (e.g. some files from the Rion NX-28WR audio recording option for the NA-28).

The viewer software will also apply some of the commonly used time and frequency weightings to the raw data and calculate Leq, statistical indices, Lmax, Lmin as well as rms values for the whole or user-selected portions of the recorded signals.

More extensive analysis and processing is possible with Prosig DATslite or Rion DA-20PA1 Waveform Processing Software.

  • Correctly opens Rion wav files automatically importing calibration settings and sensitivities
  • Replay the data via the computer’s soundcard
  • Quickly pick out events (e.g. train pass bys), apply a work-zone and calculate results
  • Zoom in to look at events in detail
  • Apply some frequency weightings to raw data
  • Apply some time weightings to raw data
  • Calculate Leq, Lmax, Lmin, statistical indices
  • Export processed data to a text file
  • Save selected portions of signals to new wav files
  • Graphs generated by the DA-20 and DA-40 viewer software can be copied straight into reports.

Prosig DATS-lite NVE Waveform Analysis Software
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Rion DA-20PA1 Waveform Processing Software
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