Prosig DATS-lite NVE Waveform Analysis Software

Prosig DATS-lite NVE Waveform Analysis Software

Prosig have developed a special version of their wav file analysis software which automatically recognises the measurement settings of wav files recorded on Rion instruments and offers powerful yet intuitive wav file post-processing at a realistic price.

DATS-lite NVE (Noise and Vibration Edition), is based on the same logical tree-based worksheet concept as its bigger brother. Along with a multitude of preset analyses for noise and vibration signals, DATS-lite NVE can also carry out more advanced analyses where required. Multiple processes can quickly be combined to achieve specific results. Logical worksheets can be saved to facilitate performance of the same (or similar) analyses on other signals.

Once a multi-channel wav file has been imported into DATS-lite NVE, analyses can be performed on all channels or selected channels. The separate signals or results shown can be shown graphically or numerically and a viewed one at a time by clicking through them using the intuitive arrow controls. When shown graphically, all channels can be overlaid in the same window.

  • Very powerful software for analysis, manipulation and evaluation of noise and/or vibration signals stored as wav files
  • Automatically picks up sensitivity and other data from files stored on Rion instruments
  • Quickly pick out events (e.g. train pass bys), apply a work-zone and calculate results (e.g. VDV) for that event, then the next one..
  • Complex analyses can be saved to re-apply on similar signals
  • Separate Noise analyses for specific terms such as: Leq, Lmax, Ln, 1/3 octave, frequency weightings, FFT, time weightings
  • Separate Vibration analyses for specific terms such as: frequency weightings, VDV, PPV, 1/3 octave, FFT
  • Separate Advanced analyses tree for more user-defined analyses such as: filtering, frequency analysis, signal manipulation, probability, add & subtract signals
  • Data can be shown numerically at the touch of a button

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