Data Management Macro for the Rion VX-54FT

The data format of the broadband measurement results from the hand-arm, whole-body and marine vibration options is very straightforward and the csv file pulls straight onto Excel™. The FFT data for from the VX-54FT similarly opens straight into Excel™ but the Macro saves the user having to format and graph the FFT data for the instrument’s three channels.

A sheet is created for each measurement which provides an overview of settings and a graphical representation of data from each axis. The Macro is therefore particularly useful for handling multiple FFT measurements stored by the VX-54FT program.

The Macro is available free of charge to VX-54FT users.

  • Quickly open and format selected FFT data from the VX-54FT option for the VM-54
  • Graphs are automatically produced
  • Each measurement’s results saved to a separate worksheet
  • Quickly investigate and report multiple 3 channel FFT measurements