Data Management Macro for the Rion NA-28 Sound Analyser

Data Management Macro for the Rion NA-28 Sound Analyser

The comma separated text file data can be pulled straight into Excel™ from the NA-28 (either via USB or the instrument’s memory card) but the instrument’s comprehensive measurement capability makes the spreadsheet format rather complex. The NA-28 Data Management Macro enables you to choose the parameters you want to look at and how you want them presented quickly, easily and flexibly.

The macro can sort data stored in any of the three standard store modes (Manual, Auto1 and Auto2) as well as data stored by the NX-28FT FFT Analysis Program. Please see the separate pages for the NX-28BA Macro, NX-28FT Tonal Analysis Macro, NX-28FT Graphing Macro and the NA-28 Reverb Time Macro. When the spreadsheet is opened, the user can view and amend which parameters are sorted into graphs and tables. When processing Auto 2 octave and/or third octave logged data, for instance, the user can select which parameters and centre frequencies are displayed on the time-level graph (up to 10 parameters can be selected).

Selected settings are saved when the workbook is saved, so you can save workbooks suited to each type of project.

Rion data management macros are supplied to the user free of charge to facilitate rapid and efficient downloading, analysis and graphical representation of data.

  • Quickly open selected data
  • Graphs and tables automatically produced
  • Easily select which data is displayed on the graph and imported into the table
  • Separate sheet for each selected parameter, showing all 1/1 & 1/3 octave band data as well as overall levels for main and sub channels
  • You can save a variety of different setups to suit project types

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