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In addition to offering the full range of microphones,  accelerometers  and  acoustic  and  vibration  calibrators you might expect from the worlds secon largest manufacturers of sound and vibration instrumentation, Rion offer two types of product which are unqiuely suited to the automotive industry. The Rion Acoustical Capacity/Volume Meter  has revolutionised the measurement of engine cyclinder capacity.

Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser
Click here for The VA12 introduction movie The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyser which stores data in standard formats (csv an... [view more details]

Rion Accelerometers
Rion Accelerometers have an enviable reputation for accuracy and longevity. Rion manufacture a wide range of accelerometers including a reference standard accelerometer (the PV-03), a tri-axial high ... [view more details]

NL-52/42 Class1/Class 2 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter
Click Here for link to NL-52 Video Presentation The NL-52/42 is Rion’s cost-effective, feature-rich, upgradeable Class 1/Class 2 platform for environmental noise, noise at work and noi... [view more details]

Rion VM-230 and VM-240A Acoustical Capacity Meter
Click Here to View Video Presentation The revolutionary Rion Acoustical Capacity and Volume Meters enable the rapid and accurate measurement of irregular shapes without the use of liquids. The R... [view more details]

Rion DA-21 Data Recorder
The DA-21 epitomises how portable data acquisition (such as audio or vibration signal recording) should be. Quick, simple, flexible, portable, battery-powered and storing data in standard wav file fo... [view more details]

RioNote Tablet-Form Programmable (Android) Multi-Channel Analyser
The RioNote is a Rion-manufactured tablet-form multi-channel measurement platform. The basic unit is a 2 or 4 channel noise and vibration analyser. However, the sensors connect to a multichannel (2 o... [view more details]

SIG Acoustic Camera
The SIG Acoustic Camera is a breakthrough product offering the powerful facility of a full-specification acoustic camera at a fraction of the cost normally associated with acoustic cameras a... [view more details]

New - Rion NC-75
The Rion NC-75 is Rion's new IEC 60942 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator. The NC-75 features an integral refernce mic and feedback system which automatically compensates for atmospheric conditions and the ... [view more details]

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