Long-Term Monitors
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Long-Term Monitors

The long-term monitors’ reliability, practicability and speed and ease of downloading are the attributes that have earned ANV Measurement Systems, Rion and Profound a fantastic reputation over the last 15 years.

Long-Term Noise Monitors
Over the last 15 years ANV Measurement Systems and Rion have earned a fantastic reputation for the successful supply of reliable and easy to use long-term noise monitors. These simple systems have be... [view more details]

Long-Term Vibration Monitors
The Profound Vibra series of Vibration Meters are specifically designed for construction and demolition site work in accordance with BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385 Part 2. The monitors log peak partic... [view more details]

New - Rion XV-2P Triaxial Groundborne Vibration Meter
The XV-2P is a 3 axis groundborne vibration meter which simultaneously measures PPV, VDV and Displacement. It achieves the measurement requirements of BS 6472: Part 1, BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385: Pa... [view more details]

Live MET Web-Based Real-Time Weather Monitoring
Live MET is the weather monitoring element of LivEnviro, ANV Measurement Systems live-to-web platform for monitoring noise, vibration, dust and weather. Live MET is based upon the Lufft WS600 mult... [view more details]

ANV Weather Station
A professional, simple and complete battery/solar powered weather station. A practical solution to the requirement to measure weather conditions during noise surveys with no moving parts, two weeks' ... [view more details]

LivEnviro Web-Based Real Time Environmental Monitoring with Site Proven and Certified Sensors
LivEnviro provides real-time web-based monitoring of Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a single platform using certified and site proven sensors. Currently the four components of LivEnviro are... [view more details]

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