Marine and Off-Shore
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Marine and Off-Shore

The Rion VM-54 has proved a particularly popular vibration meter amongst engineers and consultants in the marine and off-shore industries. This may be because the instrument carries out potentially complex vibration analysis very easily and quickly or because of the 3 options that are particularly well-suited to marine and off-shore requirements: the VX-54WS Ship Vibration program, the VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program and the VX-54FT FFT Narrow bands analysis program.

Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser
Click here for The VA12 introduction movie The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyser which stores data in standard formats (csv an... [view more details]

Rion VM-54 Triaxial Vibration Meter
The VM-54 is an easy to use tri-axial vibration meter specifically designed for environmental and occupational vibration. It’s small, light and portable but incorporates two displays so you... [view more details]

Rion Accelerometers
Rion Accelerometers have an enviable reputation for accuracy and longevity. Rion manufacture a wide range of accelerometers including a reference standard accelerometer (the PV-03), a tri-axial high ... [view more details]

Rion VX-54WS Marine Vibration Program for the Rion VM-54
The Rion VM-54 with the VX-54WS Marine Vibration option offers a unique, user-friendly means of evaluating vibration levels in crew and passenger accommodation on board vessels in accordance with the... [view more details]

Rion VX-54WH Hand-Arm Vibration Program for the Rion VM-54
The Rion VM-54 with the VX-54WH Whole Body Vibration option has made taking hand-arm vibration measurements a realistic prospect for manufacturers, consultants and occupational health professionals. ... [view more details]

Rion VX-54FT Narrow-Band Fast Fourier Transform Analysis for Rion VM-54
The Rion VM-54 with the Rion VX-54FT Narrow Band FFT Analysis program provides a portable, easy to use and cost-effective narrow band analysis package for tri-axial vibration measurements. Really sim... [view more details]

Rion VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration Program for the Rion VM-54
The Rion VM-54 with the VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration option have revolutionised whole body vibration measurements. At last, a major manufacturer that you can trust has produced a whole body vibratio... [view more details]

NL-52/42 Class1/Class 2 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter
Click Here for link to NL-52 Video Presentation The NL-52/42 is Rion’s cost-effective, feature-rich, upgradeable Class 1/Class 2 platform for environmental noise, noise at work and noi... [view more details]

RioNote Tablet-Form Programmable (Android) Multi-Channel Analyser
The RioNote is a Rion-manufactured tablet-form multi-channel measurement platform. The basic unit is a 2 or 4 channel noise and vibration analyser. However, the sensors connect to a multichannel (2 o... [view more details]

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