Condition Monitoring
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Condition Monitoring Machinery Health

Rion instruments are ideal if you are looking to collect data for condition monitoring but want to analyse and manage the data yourself rather than buying into a full condition monitoring package.

New - Rion VM-63C Vibration Meter
The VM-63A is perfect for testing product vibration levels as part of a quality control process. The VM-63A has a built in vibration sensor. The user simply touches the probe on the appropriate part ... [view more details]

Rion VM-82A Vibration Meter
The VM-82A represents the gold standard for machinery vibration meters. It is practical, easy to use, reliable and accurate. The build quality is superb, it has a beautiful clear backlit display and ... [view more details]

Rion VA-12 Vibration Analyser
Click here for The VA12 introduction movie The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyser which stores data in standard formats (csv an... [view more details]

Rion Accelerometers
Rion Accelerometers have an enviable reputation for accuracy and longevity. Rion manufacture a wide range of accelerometers including a reference standard accelerometer (the PV-03), a tri-axial high ... [view more details]

Rion UV-22 Interface Unit for UN-14 and UV-15
The UV-22 enables simultaneous measurement of up to 16 channels of mixed noise or vibration with UN-14 Measuring Amplifiers/Sound Level Meter Units and UV-15 Charge Amplifier/Vibration Meter Units. T... [view more details]

RioNote Tablet-Form Programmable (Android) Multi-Channel Analyser
The RioNote is a Rion-manufactured tablet-form multi-channel measurement platform. The basic unit is a 2 or 4 channel noise and vibration analyser. However, the sensors connect to a multichannel (2 o... [view more details]

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