Sound Insulation
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Sound Insulation

The Rion NA-28 is the heart of a lightning-quick sound insulation testing kit. ISO 140 and/or Schedule E results in the meter and downloadable and ready for printing on a PC in seconds. The FTL500 delivers up to 500W of pink or white noise via its onboard graphic equalizer yet weighs in at only 3.9kg. Both the FTL500 and the ANV Measurement Systems Tapping Machine come with radio remote controls as standard.

Rion NA-28 Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter & Real Time Octave/Third Octave Analyser
The Rion NA-28 is the quickest and easiest to use Class 1 multi-function sound analyser for Building/Architectural Acoustics and Environmental Noise. The superb colour display is visible in all light... [view more details]

ANV Measurement Systems TM-02 Tapping Machine
The ANV Measurement Systems Tapping Machine comes with mains and battery power and a really good remote control as standard. A lightweight (just over 10 kg) yet robust machine that was designed and i... [view more details]

Rion NX-28BA: Building Acoustics Option for the Rion NA-28
The Rion NX-28BA is the quickest and easiest to use Building Acoustics package for a Class 1 multi-function sound analyser. It's semi-automated procedure enables the user to either follow the NX-28BA... [view more details]

Qohm Ultra-Lightweight Compact Dodec
The Qohm dodecahedron speaker is the Holy Grail omni-directional sound source for SI testing/architectural acoustics. At last, a dodec which is physically small, amazingly lightweight (3.5 kg) with s... [view more details]

Qm High Efficiency Dodec
The Qm dodecahedron speaker is a high-efficiency, low cost omni-directional sound source for SI testing and building acoustics. The Qm dodec has sufficient power (120 dB SWL) and frequency range and ... [view more details]

Qam - Combined Noise Source and Amplifier
The Qam amplifier is an ultra compact and low weight combined noise source and 800W amplifer. The built-in noise generator provides pink or white noise. The noise signals have a low crest factor w... [view more details]

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